Fr 27. May 2022 — 10–18 Uhr

Weekly market

The following stands from the region sell their fresh products at our weekly market:


_ Tagwerk-Biomobil Prenning from Dorfen, organic cheese
_ Panzos Mavridis from Dachau, Greek specialties
_ Gianotti Massimiliano from Bad Tölz, fresh Italian pasta
_ Feinkost Mitterer from Munich, meat and poultry
_ Xhevat Osmanaj from Munich, fruit and vegetables

_ Geigl's Landmetzgerei from Saaldorf-Surheim, meat and sausage

_ Olivenhandel Sadak from Fürstenfeldbruck, Mediterranean delicacies

_ La Poissonnerie Donat & Donat from Geretsried, fish and seafood

_ Blumen Prock from Ebersberg, flowers and plants

_ Winzergut Prabatsch from Aichinger, wine (every last Friday of the month)


The offer is supplemented by weekly changing food trucks.

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Schwabinger Tor

Every friday from 10 till 18