What makes Schwabinger Tor a creative place?

At Schwabinger Tor, a particularly diverse mix of sectors has developed as a result of deliberately small-scale leasing. Instead of large tenants with several thousand square meters of office space, comparatively compact rental units are lined up here north of Münchner Freiheit, creating a patchwork structure rich in synergies. As a modern, urban neighborhood, Schwabinger Tor has thus become home to numerous creative professionals and start-ups. In addition to "classic" creative professionals such as the advertising agencies Dentsu Aegis and Straight, who particularly appreciate the modern facilities and urban flair of Schwabinger Tor, global players from the fashion sector - Lacoste, Stone Island and Dondup - have also settled in the quarter.

Seeing Art

Art at Schwabinger Tor

Cultural promotion as a mission and passion, in the best schwabing tradition and with great commitment.

True to our motto "Talents. Share. Tolerance.", we deliberately focus on the coexistence of people from the most diverse backgrounds and styles on the site. Targeted arts promotion is part of this concept.


In the underground car park or in the pop-up store - even before the construction work on the site was completed, the first artistic interventions took place, for example as part of the Long Night of Museums.

The concept
includes the promotion
young artists.
The Schwabing Tor
offers the creative scene
a place to work
and live.
Regular exhibitions, talks and events enable creative exchange and networking in the neighborhood.

Super+ Ateliers

In a collective, complex projects can be implemented and realized more dynamically, own ideas can be developed further together and new impulses can be created.

Over the past few months, six new studios have been built on around 250 square meters at Schwabinger Tor. The studios are run by the artists' collective super+.

In the area facing the quiet back of the neighborhood, studios were built according to the artists' plans, creating space for artists from a wide range of disciplines with floor-to-ceiling windows and galleries.

The collaboration or cooperation of different artists is an essential part of the working method of super+.
super+ is a community of artists and was founded in 2012 by sculptor Alexander Deubl, painter Christian Muscheid and product designer and interior designer Konstantin Landuris.
super+ sets itself the task of working together as a collective.

Living Fashion


Among the fashion showrooms that have settled in schwabinger tor, Michele Ventrella's fashion agency stands out.

A particularly colorful bird, Michele Ventrella runs his fashion agency, named after him, with a large showroom in ground-floor premises directly on Leopoldstrasse. Even if they can't shop there themselves - Ventrella acts as an intermediary for exclusive boutiques - passers-by always catch glimpses of the trends for the coming season. At times, the vibrant showroom is filled with clothes racks full to bursting, only to stand empty for days shortly afterwards: The team is on the road with all its garments at fashion weeks all over Europe.

Working Creative

Betty Mü

"Amidst the urban facades at Schwabinger Tor, visitors to Corso Leopold found themselves in a spectacularly staged sound space."

Video installation
WORLD 1 by Betty Mü,
Corso Leopold 2019

Start it upGenerate new ideas

Active in a completely different field, but just as creative, is Next47. As a global venture capital company of Siemens, Next47 supports young entrepreneurs who are changing the way we live and work with their ideas. Several of these funded start-ups are based in the offices of Schwabinger Tor, thus contributing their share to the young and lively appearance of the neighborhood. Where talented people feel at home, the surrounding area also prospers.

The creative spirit of Schwabinger Tor is driven by the idea of sharing.