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A look between the buildings

The neighborhood consists of buildings and sensitively designed open spaces with high qualities. Spaces have been created that people appreciate: narrow alleys, wide squares, areas lined with green planting, trees, playgrounds, street cafés. There are no undefined, semi-public or private spaces. No backside. The high density generates positive urban qualities. This is a special feature of Schwabinger Tor.

The vision for the Schwabinger Tor was to build a piece of the city. Goal achieved!
Urbanity needs a mix of functions, narrow and wide spaces, and different viewing levels and vistas.
People's perception is important. High first floor zone creates a sense of freedom and space.

Every Friday at Schwabinger Tor

Weekly market
Regional and Organic

Squares are places of meeting, exchange, but also of lingering. Especially the weekly market, which takes place every Friday from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. on the large square of the streetcar stop, lets residents and neighbors come together. In addition to fruits and vegetables, cheese and pasta, among other things, are offered. Lovers of fresh produce get their money's worth here.


The following stalls from the region sell their fresh products at our weekly market:


_ Tagwerk-Biomobil Prenning from Dorfen, organic cheese

_ Panzos Mavridis from Dachau, Greek specialties
_ Flowers Prock from Ebersberg, flowers and plants
_ Gianotti Massimiliano from Bad Tölz, Fresh Italian Pasta
_ Feinkost Mitterer from Munich, meat and poultry
_ Xhevat Osmanaj from Munich, fruit and vegetables

_ Geigl's Landmetzgerei from Saaldorf-Surheim, meat and sausage

_ Olive trade Sadak from Fürstenfeldbruck, Mediterranean delicacies


The offer is supplemented by weekly changing food trucks.


Green oases for little visitors

The poem "The Seed" provided the idea for the design of a new playground with a large bird's nest in the middle for climbing and exploring.
Playgrounds should be places where little people can continue to develop.
It will take a while for all the new trees planted around this playground to reach their true size. Over time, the neighborhood will mature, age, and really grow into the city.


Ein...Samenkorn...lag... auf...dem...Rücken,ür...reich...belohnt.Das...Korn,...das...auf...der...Erde...lag

,ägt...ein...Nest...aus...weichem...Flaum.Die...Amsel...hat...das...Nest...erbaut ,dort...sitzt...sie...nun...und...zwitschert...laut.

»Das Samenkorn« von Joachim Ringelnatz

Square design quotes Munich artist


Paul KleeMain and secondary routes

The pavement of the streetcar square is covered with a mosaic interpretation of the painting "Main path and byways" by Paul Klee from 1929. The watercolor was translated abstractly in different shades and textures of the materials. A painting made of stone.

Paul KleeUpper Egypt

The 1929 painting "Upper Egypt" by Paul Klee inspired the square design in front of the Hotel Andaz Munich Schwabinger Tor with its clear lines, including the arrangement of square furniture, planting and the ramp to the underground parking garage entrance.

Wassily Kandinsky
Color study

In the so-called living garden, a large play area made of hedge structures, different uses were arranged according to the motif of a color study by Wassily Kandinsky.

Valuing the spaces in between

Who was involved in the construction of the Schwabinger Tor?