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Urban life and cosmopolitan

The Schwabinger Tor is inspired by a special attitude towards life: Built on the leitmotif "Talents. Share. Tolerance." the sharing idea is lived in many facets. "Sharing" is becoming the new ethic in consumer behavior and will permanently change our habits - both private and professional. Schwabinger Tor is already providing a place for this social development. Here, residents and visitors alike meet like-minded people who want to live the responsible way of sharing together with them.

Coworking for new ideas

Shared Office Spaces

The idea of sharing is slowly but surely becoming part of the new consumer behavior. At Schwabinger Tor, this approach goes far beyond vehicles and drills: Here, office space can also be "shared.


1,600 square meters, three floors, modern and stylish: With the aim of shaping the working environment of the future, Design Offices offers not only the rental of individual and team office spaces but also a coworking space and thus fits perfectly with the quarter's guiding principle "Talents. Share. Tolerance." Meeting rooms complete the offer and provide a perfect working environment.


Flexible leases are offered in an open environment and an innovative corporate structure. Floor-to-ceiling windows in all rooms, views over the neighborhood and in some cases even over a small park, as well as the attractive Design Offices services make this location an exclusive address in the north of Schwabing.


About Design Offices


Design Offices is the leading provider of corporate coworking and spaces for agile working and innovation with around 40 locations in 15 cities across Germany and approximately 173,000 sqm of total space. The offering includes flexible offices and coworking areas as well as inspiring spaces for meetings and events - perfectly tailored to the requirements of New Work. The offer is complemented by a comprehensive service. Learn more here


Michael Herz

Managing director of the Jost Hurler Group
"Our coworking space at Schwabinger Tor is a special place where young founders and experienced entrepreneurs come together every day to exchange ideas, cooperate or even go their separate ways."

Connected with the app

Schwabinger Tor APP
Digital neighborhood

When they move into Schwabinger Tor, residents and users are invited to become active participants in a unique "sharing community". Each tenant decides for themselves which things or services they would like to share or offer - from a drill to help with shopping to watering flowers during the vacation season.


Via the Schwabinger Tor app, residents exchange direct messages with each other or post questions and offers on the platform that can be seen, answered or shared by all tenants. Joint cooking evenings are thus promoted just as much as help for self-help.

"In digital customer communication, we see a special opportunity for a real estate company to ensure greater efficiency and customer satisfaction. The app uniquely combines the management aspects with the sharing principles of Schwabinger Tor."

Dr. Maximilian Gutsche

Managing director of the Jost Hurler Group

Modern neighborhood community
instead of bulletin board

The Schwabinger Tor app is designed as a digital customer service platform that connects tenants, property management and housing-related service providers. This makes it very easy to communicate with each other in the neighborhood, to provide documents such as the house rules or operating instructions, and to inform about processing statuses. Service requests can be sent directly to the landlord - transparency about the respective processing status is guaranteed at all times. This is fast and saves work and paper!


And news about planned activities at Schwabinger Tor also reach all app users in the shortest possible time. Residents in Schwabinger Tor are also connected to the offers of commercial tenants through the app. They can easily find out about the gastronomic offers of the various providers or about the current conditions of the sports club in the neighborhood.

Urban mobility

Mobility hotspot
many possibilities

Schwabinger Tor is a mobility hub in many respects: There are a good 900 parking spaces in the two underground levels and 700 bicycle stands throughout the neighborhood. In addition to the neighborhood's own car sharing, Park One, as the operator of the underground parking garage, also offers rental bikes; after an extended test phase, the space at the "Schwabinger Tor" streetcar stop now serves as a permanent installation site for new e-scooter providers; at Parzivalplatz there is a location for MVG bikes. And of course, the entire neighborhood is optimally connected to public transportation - not least thanks to its own streetcar stop. That's the way to go!


Uncomplicated solution

Simply use instead of own: This is also the motto of Schwabinger Tor when it comes to mobility. All tenants benefit from the car sharing fleet of our partner scouter Carsharing. The vehicles can be easily booked via app or online at and are available in the spacious underground parking garage at Schwabinger Tor.


The right mobility for every wish: whether it's a city runabout, an estate car for the big shopping trip or a small convertible for a trip to Lake Starnberg. Simply register at, even the driver's license check works conveniently online, and you get access to the Schwabinger Tor vehicles, all other scouter vehicles in Munich or Germany, and all Flinkster vehicles throughout Europe. The cars can be opened and locked very easily via app. After the trip, you simply park it again in the designated area of the underground parking garage. That's it!


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